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Rapeseed is the seed of Brassica napus plant. It is used mainly for producing oil and is world's third largest source of vegetable oil. The cake is used as cattle feed.

The local names are: rapa, rappi, raps, koolzaad, colza,Уљана репица, سلجم, 油菜

Our company sell rapeseed originated from Russia (Russian Federation), Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

We can offer rapeseed in bulk or in 50 kg pp bags. The production is machine cleaned and prepared for further transportation. Our widely extended network of suppliers help us to find the best examples of the repeseeds.

We sell both rapeseeds and also rapeseed cake.

Our agents harvest rapeseed in Volgograd, Rostov, Saratov, Samara, Orenburg regions of Russia, in Central and south Ukraine, Crimea, Kostanay and other regions of Kazakhstan.

You can buy rapeseeds from our main storehouse in Krasnodar region that situated near Novorossiysk and Temryuk ports. Another storehouse is located near port of Azov. We can also release the production from our depots in Volgograd, Belgorod and Saratov regions.

We export rape seeds FCA, CIF, CPT, DAP, DDU basis worldwide. The main methods of delivery are:

By 20ft and 40 ft containers via Novorossiysk port and port of Azov to Southern Europe, Northern Africa, Middle East, South Asia. We offer the competetive prices on the FOB Novorossisk basis. The main directions are: Turkey (CPT Istanbul, CIF Mersin, CPT Izmir), Bulgaria (CIF Varna), Syria (CPT Latakia), Lebanon (CPT Beirut), Israel (CPT Haifa, CPT Ashdod), Jordan (CPT Aqaba), India (CPT Nava Sheva), Pakistan (CPT Karachi). The services are also provided to the ports of Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Spain, Tunisia, Algeria, UAE, China, Korea, Japan, Singapore and many other countries.

By road to Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Iran and some other countries of Europe and Middle East.

By rail to CIS countries, Bulgaria (via Varna), Turkey (via Samsun), Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Finnland, Iran and China.

We can also export rapeseed cake using the same methods of transportation.